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Deploying our expertise for SMEs and retail

Particularly suited to retail businesses, our full-service self-treasury solutions are designed to optimise your cash flow and streamline the management of cash floats and cash recycling.

From shops and museums to events or even amusement parks, we take care of everything and provide you with an all-inclusive service, including equipment hire and maintenance. Our own state-of-the-art technical department will support you throughout the process.

Your time is precious and you are our priority.


Secure, accurate and time saving

From depositing and replenishing cash to processing takings, from dynamic collection by our qualified personnel to crediting your account, our solutions guarantee secure and efficient cash management.

With our integrated safes and the latest smart software, you have the most powerful tools on the market to meet your specific needs – all while guaranteeing ease of use, minimised risk of error, and savings on the usual management costs.

Together, we will analyse your needs and propose the Self-Treasury solution tailored to you.

Our expertise is there for your business.

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